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Hunting with Alberta Wilderness Adventures
I have dedicated these past years to guiding and outfitting moose, black bear and mule deer hunts. My goal is to provide my guests with a quality big game hunt and an "unforgettable wilderness adventure". Our proof of success is the number of hunters that return to hunt with us each season. Below are some testimonials that will give you more insight as to what hunting with us is all about. Read testimonials from some of our black bear and moose hunters or you can scroll through the list to read them all!

Michael J. Scileppi III
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta bear hunting

I had the best Black Bear hunt of my life at Alberta Wilderness Adventures! I was amazed with the knowledge and expertise of the guides as well as the quantity of Black Bear that were in the area! I was very excited that I filled both of my tags by the third day of the hunt! You guys did an excellent job with everything from the field dressing of the bears in the field, to the skinning of the animals at camp and freezing them right away.

I loved the scheduling that you had every day. Starting with the amazing breakfast that was cooked and ready to eat at 8:00am every morning. Then we would make sandwiches after breakfast with meat and snacks that were supplied by Alberta Wilderness Adventures. We would hunt from 9:00 in the morning to 10:30PM and would eat lunch in the woods and not return to camp until the end of the hunt which was usually around 11:00PM. Once we arrived back at camp there was a very good hot meal waiting for us every night. After dinner we would all sit around the camp fire and talk hunting stories and then go to bed and start the same schedule over the next day!

I highly recommend this hunting adventure to anybody that want to go to Canada Bear Hunting and I look forward to another trip to Alberta Wilderness Adventures in the spring of 2015!

Thank You Again Louis!
Michael J. Scileppi III
Parker, Colorado
Art Bundy, Pennsylvania

I've killed bear with my bow before and my dream was to take a color-phase bear once in my life. The dream came true with not one, but two big color bears. I know that you wanted me to get a big bear as much or more than I did and you worked your butt off for me.

I've hunted in a lot of different camps all over Canada; nothing compares to the complete package that you offer - the accommodations, the food, the guides and their expertise. you have focused on the total package and have excelled. The experience at Alberta Wilderness Adventures was fantastic and I look forward to seeing you this fall for my moose hunt. I only wish it could start tomorrow.

In closing, tell Bev that I am looking forward to her home cooked meals. They are the best I have ever had in a hunting camp, Actually, they are some of the best cooked meals I have had anywhere, just don't tell my wife. I put on about 5 pounds during my week of bear hunting. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone. You will have the hunt of a lifetime!

Art Bundy
Scottdale, PA
Phone: 724-887-7782
Monte (John Shields)
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta bear hunting

Dear Louis,

We had a great week with Louis and his guides.  Our guides were true professionals who knew the hunt area well, knew where to find the bears, and knew how to get us in position to take a shot.  Everyone in our group was successful and a couple of our guys even got two bears.  The food was delicious and abundant!  I highly recommend this hunt and can’t wait to go back someday.  Tell your wife thanks again for cooking for us.

We all had a great time and hope to be able to hunt with you again in a couple of years.

Monte (John Shields)
St. Louis, MO
Bob Coerver
black bear hunting
Alberta Black Bear Hunting


We plan to be back.  We had a great time and I would recommend a bear hunt with you and your guides any time.  Their knowledge was very important and their help in locating bears was right on.  Alberta Wilderness Adventures went out of their way to make sure all were successful in tagging a bear.  Again we plan to be back soon.

Bob Coerver
314  853 8584 


John & Elijah Keane
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
black bear hunting alberta canada

Louis & Bev

Thank you for an amazing hunt.  My son Elijah (age 16) and I had such a great experience.  For both of us to get two bears each exceeded all of our expectations.  I can't imagine how anything could have been better.  Great accommodations, excellent food, and success hunting.  The memories made with my son will last our lifetime.  And we will definitely be back.

Thanks again for everything.

John & Elijah Keane
St. Louis, Missouri
Phone: 314 249 7731



John Greskie
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting

After much searching on the net for a guided bear hunt in Canada, I decided on Alberta Wilderness Adventures, run by Louis and Bev Shilka. It was the best decision I could have made. On arrival my wife and I were made most welcome.  The country and company was amazing.

Louis left no stone unturned in his efforts to get me a bear. As I had a late hunt the fur had started to slip, but Louis persevered. We sighted literally dozens of bears before we found one Louis was satisfied with. I was more than happy with the result and can’t wait for the mount to arrive back in Australia.

The country and wildlife was amazing in the hunting blocks. We saw heaps of moose, whitetail, beaver, Mulies and elk.

Louis, Bev and Rick, (one of the Guides), have a wealth of knowledge on the flora and fauna in the area, as well as the history.

The food! What can I say?  Bev is a magnificent cook. I expected to come home a little lighter from the hunting, but somehow managed to gain weight.

I cannot recommend Alberta Wilderness Adventures enough. I can guarantee that no one will work harder to secure your dream trophy than the team there.

John Greskie, Australia



Terry and Nate Reed
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting

Louis and Bev,

Nate and me had the time of our lives.  You got a 12 yr. old boy get within 22 yards of this 325 pound Black bear and he got it with a bow.  AWESOME, and he took one with a rifle as well.  We both tagged our bears and we are very happy with everything.  The knowledge of the animals and territory is impressive.  Your guide, Rick was an awesome guide.  Thanks as well to Rick.  In addition to all you offer I can't forget the cooking.  The cook was out of this world, (miss the cookies).  Call anytime for a reference.

Thank you,


Terry and Nate Reed
Texas, USA
Phone: 254 865 3478



John and JP
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
bear hunting alberta canada
My son and I hunted bear with Alberta Wilderness Adventures and Louis. Over the last two years JP was lucky enough to collect a beautiful blonde bear each year as well as a black. My luck was a big chocolate this year and a black. Last year I also took two blacks. We also saw another blonde and a cherry red bear as well as blacks. There was no end to the colored bears we saw. We even joked that we would have to start hunting the RARE BLACKS harder.

I can't say enough good things about our young guide Chris. He really worked hard to get us the best bear possible and took care of the heavy duty work of loading and skinning the bears. He knows all the tricks like woofing to get the bear to stop. Thanks Chris it was great hunting with you. Bev kept us well fed with her moose, elk and other meals. No one went hungry even at midnight supper. Both years were a great experience, seeing wild life like lynx, wolves, grizzly, Trumpeter swans, and Great Grey owls.

We can recommend Alberta Wilderness Adventures and Louis Shilka without reservation.

John and JP
403 527 5994
Todd Gemeinhardt
Alberta bear hunting
canada black bear hunts


Thanks for the great hunt. Having never done a guided hunt before I wasn't sure what to expect. The hunt certainly surpassed my expectations. Seeing close to twenty bears, deer and moose really made it a great five days. Bev's cooking was great and Rick was an awesome guide. I can't wait to come up there and hunt again.

I would really recommend your camp to anyone looking for a bear hunt. If you, Bev or Rick are ever in the Kansas City area please look me up. Feel free to have any potential hunters give me a call if they have any questions.

Todd Gemeinhardt
Kansas City
Emily Borgman
Alberta black bear hunting
black bear hunting in alberta canada
I would like to thank you for showing us such a GREAT time, this will be one of the trips that we will never forget in our lifetime. You and Bev made everyone feel like they were at home and the extra time and effort you and the other two guides put in for all of us was simply amazing to say the least. Emily is still talking about the trip, she really enjoyed the hunt and can't wait to go on another one. Words cannot express the appreciation and thanks that I have for you. Like I said before it was a trip of a lifetime. The only thing that you could of done more was lead a bear in front of the people to shoot. Ha. Ha. Tell Bev, Rick, & Sean we all said HI. Emily wants to bear hunt again next year and the following year for Moose. She is going to sign up for college next week then we will know when she gets off of school in the spring so we can pick a week before you are full.

We put Emily's two bear hides in a big cooler and put a sleeping bag over and around them with some luggage on top. When we got home was the first time I opened the cooler from leaving your place and they were still partly frozen and really cool. It was 100 degrees farenheit when we got home and for a lot of the trip so the bears did extremely good.

Once again thanks so much....

Rick and Emily
Missouri, US.
Home: 573 437 5448
Cell: 578 694 3545
Lars Buchard
Alberta bear hunting
Alberta wolf hunting
Dear Louis and Bev.

It was time for me to try black bear hunting in Alberta, and after some searching on the net, I booked a spot / stalk hunt at Louis Shilka from Alberta Wilderness Adventures. I must say that I did not regret. The hunt started on may 15th and lasted 5 days. I had brought 2 rifles from Denmark and a dream to shoot a bear with my old autistic big bore calibre 45/70, on the second morning I got a super chance for a good bear which I took down at about 70m. The next day I killed a little smaller bear at 200m. But it all peaked on the 4th day when I had the opportunity to shoot a large male wolf. My American hunting buddy Mark was lucky to take down a dream of a bear that weighed over 500 pounds. Each day we saw plenty of game such as moose, single elks, mule deer, whitetail, 2 wolves, several coyotes and beavers.

It was a late spring of 2011, making the bears come late out of hibernation, and I did not see the number of bears they usually see. It's a really nice cozy camp, and there is no doubt it is a super good hunting area Louis has.

His staff and the hunt is very professional. Sean was my guide and he is a first class guide. Rick helped him skin the wolf, he is undoubtedly a very good PH and a nice guy. I can only give the best recommendations for the Alberta Wilderness Adventures. However, I have one complaint, it was impossible to lose weight during my stay, with the lovely food Bev served. Thanks for the good hospitality Bev. I work very seriously to come back again next year, after the moose, and hopefully a coloured bear. Best wishes to you all from Denmark

Lars Buchard
Cell 2083 2888 and simply ad code to Denmark (001)
Bob Summers, West Virginia

I booked a bear hunt with Louis Shilka because of the great reviews and from my hunting buddy, Art. I was looking for the opportunity to take a color-phase bear and wound up taking my best bear ever! Although it was a black bear, I did also take a cinnamon bear. It was icing on the cake!

The accommodations and food were fantastic. My guide was Louis and he worked hard to provide me with opportunities at great bears. There were 5 hunters in camp and 10 bear were taken, with 8 being color-phase bears. It took 5 of us to load him on the quad to take out of the woods. What a monster bear!

If you are a first time bear hunter or a veteran and want to take a good black or color phase bear, give Louis a call at 780 772 7200.

Bob Summers
West Virginia
(304) 622-8415
Rick Munaretto, Chicago, IL

My friend Alex and I booked a spring 2010 black bear hunt with Louis Shilka. I have hunted BC, Yukon, interior AK, and numerous states in the lower 48. My first impression, on the phone, was that the outfitter was straight forward and honest. I still checked references prior to booking and crossed my fingers everything would work out. I had two bad experiences with outfitters and I am very cautious booking hunts. I can honestly say that this hunt is everything the website describes and the outfitter is honest. If you listen to your guide and work hard it is definitely possible to kill two nice quality bears.

I am primarily a bowhunter and I wanted a spot/stalk bear hunt in Canada. I respect baited hunts and I don’t have a problem with them. There still is nothing like crawling in on an animal and sticking an arrow through the boiler room on your own. The conditions are good for stalking bears with all the cutlines, clover fields, and lack of pressure. The key here is wind and the bears are forgiving until the last 100 yards if you move very slow in the shadows. The last hundred is a crawl most likely and only move when they are feeding. I stalked multiple bears to killing range prior to harvesting a 350 lb boar at 32 yards after a 500 yard stalk. I shot a PSE Dream Season at 65 lbs with 30 inch draw and an arrow weight of 450 grains tipped with a three-blade Rage. The bear was down in 50 yards after a complete pass through heart shot. I did kill my first bear at dusk on day 2 with a rifle for a variety of reasons (itchy finger) and I had never killed a black bear.

We plan on returning in 2011 and I highly advise this hunt. My friend had never been on a big game hunt and he killed a brown and black with a rifle spot/stalk in three days. We had 5 guys in camp with 10 bears down in five days and one pig over 500lbs (insane bear really). I would advise the earlier hunts, if possible, because the early spring 2010 and some mild rubbing did occur on our hunt in later June. All the guides are great, positive, and know their territory well. The food is excellent and the accommodations are basic and all you need for a hunting trip. It sure as hell beat a spike camp!

Rick Munaretto
Chicago, IL
Cory Converse
Alberta black bear hunting

I had a great hunt and a great time. You employ a great guide in Rick and the camp was very nice. Proud to have the photo up there.  It was a special hunt for me.  I don't take guided trips often in my life and with my youngest son being handicapped it's not something I'll be able to do again soon.  To be able to walk away with two great bears was memorable.  The area was amazingly rich with game and you are lucky to live in a place like Alberta with so much to offer.  Rick had taken several photos of me with the bear and one was taken by Clark with Rick's Camera of Rick and I with the bear.  Rick said he would email me these photos and I would like to at least get the one of Rick and I with the bear.  If you could mention it to him, I'd really appreciate it.  Take Care and have many great hunts.  What a blast, what an exciting hunt.  Thanks again.

Cory Converse

Mark Broady, MD - Indiana

I booked a spring bear hunt with Louis Shilka this past May. Why? I liked the idea of the spot and stalk hunt. I've hunted over baits in the past and wanted something different. My guide Rick was awesome. I think he wanted me to get a big bear more than I did. He worked his butt off. I've hunted in many different camps all over North America and found that most of them are strong in accommodations, food, guides or game but not all of these. Here is an outfitter that has focused on everything. To top this off spend a couple of hours with Louis and his guides and you feel like you've known them for years.

I had such a positive experience with Louis that I not only booked a return spring bear hunt but also a moose hunt next year also. Lastly, some of the best home cooked meals you'll ever have in a hunting camp. Think I put on about 10 pounds during my week of bear hunting. Please feel free to contact me via email or cell. You won't regret this hunt.

Mark Broady, MD
Carmel, Indiana
317-370-2141 cell

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Anthony, New York

We all had an exceptionally "GREAT" time. I probably saw the least amount of bears but I did have the best trip of all of us. Sean is a true gentlemen and a great guide. He went above and beyond any other guide I have hunted with in the past. The experience with the bears attempting to entire the truck and wanting to share our lunch was an experience I will never forget.

You have to tell your wife thank you for the extra baggage I now carry around the waistline. Her cooking was excellent and the pancakes were OUT OF THIS WORLD.

If you can figure out what the hunting dates for next season will be let me know ASAP. Everyone said that had a wonderful time around the camp fire the last few nights with you and the guides. George wants to know if he should bring his big flash light next year? If you would like I can email some of our photos of the bears out in the bush. Thank You & Talk to you soon, Anthony New York 516 292 6989 cell 917 687 4023 PS. (outfitter note) 7 hunters over 100% spot and stalk hunting

Thank You & Talk to you soon,
Anthony, New York
516 292 6989 cell 917 687 4023
PS. (outfitter note) 7 hunters over 100% spot and stalk hunting

Mike & Brandon, Hawaii

Aloha and Mahalo,

Hello Louis and Bev,

I just wanted to thank you for the great time Brandon and I had while hunting at your bear camp. Our trip was fun, exciting and successful. Thanks to you and your crew.

Bev, you are an awesome cook! Thanks for the great meals! Please give our regards to your crew and please pass on our warmest regards. They are excellent bear guides.

Aloha, Mike & Brandon
Ronnie Lambrich NWTF, VA State Chapter, President


No more horseshoes for me lately! Thanks for the extra laughs at camp that goes along way with the memories of hunting trips.

Everything went smoothly on the return trip. We replayed the trip over and over on the way home, lots of good stories. I cannot imagine anyone could have a complaint with the overall quality of your operation. The accommodations, food and guides were excellent. The trophy quality of the bear is unbelievable!!! I think the last day of the hunt we got a better idea of what is possible for quantity of bear sightings. It is obvious you have been doing this for a while and I am glad we lucked in to getting you for our hunt. You are welcome to use any of my pictures for anything that might help. That is a tremendous bear and will be life-size in my trophy room one day. ***Please tell the guides hello for me***

Thanks for everything!!!

Ronnie Lambrich
Brightwood, VA.
Larry Ceder
Alberta Moose Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunts
When you travel 1800 miles , as I did, to an area that you have never been to and will deal with folks you have never met, it is a great feeling to pull into Louis’ neat, clean, comfortable camp and receive a warm friendly greeting. Louis and crew’s professionalism, sincerity, and integrity were immediately apparent and Bev’s good cooking did not go unnoticed either. The first day’s hunt worked out to perfection, with a great shot opportunity on a bull by mid-morning. While not a record-book bull, I’m very pleased with the very nice symmetrical rack, and considering the price of beef, that freezer full of quality meat is quite a plus. Seldom a day goes by that I don’t relive my hunt. It’s great to encounter an outfitter like Louis, that tells you what to expect and then makes every effort to deliver just that.

Larry Ceder
PH: 785 282 6393
Cell 785 282 1140
Tom Brown
Alberta Moose Hunting
Five hunters in camp and all 5 tagged out on the 3rd day of the hunt. 5 moose taken in one day is something real special. My dad hunted 11 times with Louis Shilka's outfit, my two uncles hunted 10 times each and I hunted 6 times and the last two my friend Mike came with me. We both tagged our bulls. Thanks for all the hunts and the years of great success. That is a lot of hunts and to this day I can't think of a better place to hunt moose. We tag out each year and all of us have taken real big moose antlers for our walls. Everything is great and you try their best for all of your hunters. I can't say enough about the area and your staff. Food is great, guides are knowledgeable and the camp is clean, comfortable and a great place to tell of the day's stories and tip a drink if inclined (I don't drink). A big thanks to all. If my wife will let me I will be back for another hunt and again take my friend Mike with me. These are the two we got this year. Hope you enjoy these photos. We'll be back for another moose. Call me anytime if you have questions.

Tom Brown, Oregon
Ph: 541-297-0480

Nickolas Noppert
Alberta Moose Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunts
If you are looking for a great place to hunt I can say that it is the best at, Alberta Wilderness Adventures. I would strongly recommend Louis Shilka's outfit. His guides, Rick and Sean, are the best and you get what you go for. This is a great place with professional guides, clean camp, nice place to stay and the cooking (pies) is fantastic. Because of all this we hunted another year with Louis and scored a 55 inch bull day one and a 48 inch bull on day 4.

Thanks again for another great hunt.

Nickolas Noppert, Michigan
Ph: 616-837-6817

Mark Sarrett
alberta moose hunting
moose hunting alberta canada
Funny that you sent this since I have about 100 pounds of meat that I thawed for grinding this weekend - with 450 pounds of boneless meat, it's taken a while to get through it but we love every bite. Sorry I took off but once that big boy was on the ground, I started thinking about the 2,000 mile drive and was excited to head South. It's good to know how everyone else did because I enjoyed the time spent with all the guys in camp - I'd love to see pictures of everyone's moose if you have them. You're more than welcome to use my pictures and I added a couple more. I got a real kick out of Dana and really enjoyed him as a guide. I videotaped him and Rick gutting my moose and everyone back home really liked it. I'd be happy to put something together as a testimonial since I've done nothing but talk my trip up since I got back. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can head that way again.

Mr. Sarrett's Moose Testimonial
When I decided to book a moose hunt in the fall of 2011 in Alberta, the first thing I did was to start researching hunter testimonials about the various outfitters – not just whether they had good shot opportunities but what the whole hunting experience was like. Louis and his guides had positive things consistently said about them so I figured this was the place to go.

I wasn’t wrong. From start to finish, I knew what to expect and was well prepared when I reached camp. It was my first experience at a guided hunt so I was a little apprehensive – especially when you throw in with a group of hunters that you’ve never met. It turned out though that there was nothing to worry about. Louis and Bev made everyone feel at home and it didn’t take long for everyone to feel like they had hunted together before.

I got a huge kick out of my guide Dana and his enthusiasm made for an entertaining hunt. He knew the area well and we were on moose every day until I killed my bull on the fourth day. The highlight of the trip was videotaping Dana and Rick as they field dressed my bull and getting a true flavor of the North woods while listening to them both talk about hunting and living in the bush.

If you’re heading to Alberta to moose hunt, Alberta Wilderness Adventures is the way to go.

Marty Pecor
Moose hunting Alberta Canada
Alberta moose hunts
My father in law (Bub) and i booked a hunt with Louis Shilka of Alberta Wilderness Adventures. I have never had a guided hunt before and honestly I didnt know what to expect. In my book you guys are world class. You and Bev made us feel right at home with your hospitality, (some of the nicest people I've met). Rick was our guide and I've got to tell ya I was impressed. Rick teaches as he guides and I never expected to learn so much. We both shot our bull, Bub's was 36 inches and very unique. mine was a very nice 50 inches. It was awsome watching Rick call it in within 250 yards across the lake. The food was great and always enough.  No one will ever walk away hungry from your camp. We are already trying to figure out when we can come back. Hopefully soon, can't wait. I have told everybody I know who hunts about you and how wonderfull the experience was. You guys made the long trip fom Idaho well worth it.

We wish you the best of luck in the future and look forward to our next visit.

Marty Pecor
Phone: 208-819-6080


Bud Arnold
Alberta moose hunting
Moose hunting alberta canada
This was more than I expected in a guided hunt. I have heard of several people who went hunting in Canada and had a bad experience. I was Really impressed with Alberta Wilderness Adventures and the Professionalism of the guides and the down home care at the camp. Rick was a wonderful guide, teaching as he was guiding, and really a joy to hunt with. I have recommended Alberta Wilderness Adventures to many of my friends and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Marty and I are working to come again.

Bud Arnold
Phone: 208-245-1817
St. Maries, Idaho

Dave Nickels , Wisconsin

In Dec 2007 I began a search for a quality moose hunt in Canada for a group of (6) hunters for the fall of 2009. After a lot of research I decided that the northwestern part of Alberta Canada provided the best opportunity for a high chance of success for large Canadian moose at a price I could afford. I made a lot of calls to references of several outfits. The choice became clear and we selected Alberta Wilderness Adventures. Without exception every reference I called regarding Louis Shilka had nothing but positive things to say about his outfit and him.

It seemed like the hunt would never get here but it finally did and we recently completed our hunt. As it was with my first impression, Louis proved to be honest and a down to earth person. What made it even better is Louis and his crew have a good sense of humor and are a lot of fun. From the first details of our booking to the day of our departure Louis Shilka and Alberta Wilderness Adventures proved this is a professional top-notch outfit.

If you are looking for an exceptional moose hunt with a sure bet on a great outfit, I would strongly recommend Louis Shilka and Alberta Wilderness Adventures. There were no inflated promises to get us to book and Louis delivered on everything he promised. I do not know how you will find a better hunt with a higher chance of success in Alberta than you will with this outfit. I can assure you Louis and his crew are outstanding people and will do all they can to give you a great hunt.

Dave Nickels
Wisconsin, USA
PH: 920 730 3852 Cell 602 327 6575

Mike Underwood, California

Louis I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding moose hunt and a great adventure. If any future hunter of yours wants the name of a hunter who did not tag a bull feel free to give them mine anytime.

My son, Josh, and two long time friends from Idaho, the Mckinney boys, made the whole trip and adventure I will always remember. The food that Bev, (the real camp boss), cooked was great. Although I did not take a moose it was not because I did not have the opportunity. I actually passed up two younger bulls and missed a great record book bull moose at 200 yards that stood there looking at, Rick my guide, and I for what seemed like forever. The only one more surprised to see me miss that bull than Rick was myself, (Well, maybe the bull was just as surprised as Rick). The entire trip was great, my son took a 49.5 inch bull moose and that was something for a father to remember. I was sure happy to see Casey McKinney take his moose that way his brother, Clint, had to listen to him brag about it all the way back to Idaho. That had to be a long trip for Clint. I will be back in 2011 to try and redeem myself and bag one bigger than my son's. You know how it is, a little competition always helps. Thanks again and I almost forgot the Scottish guys were great fun and good sports and I enjoyed meeting them.

Good hunting, good luck and I will see you in, October, of 2011. Next trip I will try to report to camp without any knee surgeries or broken bones.
Your client and friend,

Mike Underwood, California, USA
Ph: 661 587 0426 Cell 661 201 3565
Joe, West Virginia

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hunt and the use of your excellent guides. Their knowledge of the animals and the area we hunted was incredible. Not only did I have a good time and a successful hunt, but I learned more about moose and their habits in one week than I was able to watching countless videos and reading. Rick amazed me with the way he was able to read the sign and his tracking ability. He told me to watch the wood line where he had tracked the animal into and at the time the shadows would reach the road, get ready!! Unbelievably, after an hour of calling back and forth, a giant stepped out within 10 minutes of the sun setting. Once again, thanks, and I wish you success the rest of the year.

West Virginia
Art Bundy, Pennsylvania
Alberta moose hunting

I don't know what I can say about Alberta Wilderness Adventures that I haven't said before. This is my fourth and fifth trip and I got my moose. I've take mule deer and bears on my previous trips. I've hunted in the spring and the fall. The food and accommodations have always been first class. The hunts are always exciting; seeing more game than I expect.

But the highest praise I can give Louis, Bev, Rick, Shaun and all the other guides at Alberta Wilderness Adventures is that they do everything in their power to make the hunt the best it can be, they truly care about every one of their hunters, and I always feel like I am hunting with my friends.

By the way, I thought that the shot on the moose was 375 least that's what I've been telling everyone.

Art Bundy
Scottdale, PA
Phone: 724-887-7782

James McColm, Scotland

My friend, Davi, and I had been planning a trip moose hunting for over a year.
We both live in Scotland. Davi works abroad I was a head gamekeeper on grouse for 30 years. With Davi being away I did most of the organizing. We arrived in Alberta at the beginning of Oct. We toured round for a week and seen lots wildlife. We arrived in camp and met Louis who's directions to camp had been spot on. We had both booked to shoot a moose and 3 species of grouse. Louis gave us a guided tour of camp and issued us with our guns and ammo. The cabins are basic and clean and the cookhouse first class with good home cooked food. We met our guides early next morning then set off to get our tags. We spent the next 2 full days working hard covering a lot of ground with our young guide, Chris, a cheery young lad with a good knowledge of the wildlife around. I shot a bull moose and shot 3 species of grouse.

It was an amazing experience with the wolves coyotes calling in the distance and seeing other game. We have made good friends with Bev and Louis and I hope there both going to make it to Scotland for a visit and hunting. We are already planning a return trip 2011. As a full time professional gamekeeper stalker I would highly recommend this outfitter.

Jim McColm, Scotland
Phone: 012906661531

Mark Broady, MD - Indiana
Alberta Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting Alberta Canada
9 November Bull Moose
I have hunted with Louis Shilka on 3 different hunts. I'm coming back this spring for my 4th hunt. That should say something by itself. If you want an outfitter that books 15-20 guys a week and kills 30-40 bears a week don't come here. This is a smaller operation where you'll actually get to know he outfitter and get your game. If your booking a hunt and hoping you're lucky enough to get the experienced guide instead of the farmers kid who is filling in don't come here. I've hunted with them all and they are top notch. These guys are as excited in you getting your animal as you are. If your looking for shabby cabins and crappy meals go elsewhere. Bev is the best camp cook I've met in all my trips. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Hope to see you in camp.

Mark Broady, MD
Carmel, Indiana
317-370-2141 cell

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Jack Biggs, Washington

Hello Louis, Rick, Sean, and Bev,

I would like to put out a few words to the Sportsmen that haven't had the great opportunity to experience some of the finest hunting and friendship that an outfitting camp can provide with, Louis Shilka owner of Alberta Wilderness Adventures. I have hunted Moose three years in a row with two other hunters each year and found out that the guides, Rick and Sean, won't let you go home without your trophy Moose, Meat Bull, or Mule Deer if that's your choice.

My first year, Rick says "What are you looking for"? " A nice Moose rack", I answered. So, this year, he asked and I told him my wife said I have enough big racks. So he dialed in his Birch Bark caller and brought in my first 2 point Bull.

Our hunts have been 100%, and I have hunting friends that have been to Louis's camp Moose and Mule Deer hunting on different hunt dates and all got their game. They said the camp, food, and guides were the best they have seen in their hunting days. I think of my hunting trips to Louis's camp every day, and hoping that the Good Lord willing, I can be there again and enjoy Bev's cooking and the friendly hand shaking over a nice Bull Moose.

Jack Biggs
Sequim, WA

Mike Anderson
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting

Camp had a large covered and well lit meat processing area, 3 cabins and the cook house and the entire area looked clean and comfortable.  The cook house, which is more of a dining hall/evening gathering place was heavily decorated with antlers, hides, heads and other treats for the eyes.  The decorating is only out done by the excellent cooking and baking done by the camp cook, Bev.

My first day I walked into a logged area with my guide, Louis, and he called several times.  I swore I heard a movement back in the timber.  Another round of calls brought a bull with a cow in tow out into the open, a trick I understand is quite hard to do.  There it was, my first day and I had my bull on the ground.  Louis quickly had it quartered and in camp before dinner.  What a day!  In the evening I fell asleep to the sounds of a bull elk seen earlier passing by our camp.  My second dream was to take a bear on this hunt.  My dream became reality and I harvested an nice brown colored black bear.  That also was done is a day.  What a great hunt I had.

All in all I had an excellent hunt with  many memories to last a life time.  Not to mention great pics for bragging once back at work.  I really recommend Louis Shilka/Alberta Wilderness Adventures for your next hunt.

Mike Anderson, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519 880 1581
cell 226 338 9877

Willie Kolehmainen
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting

Hello Louis and Bev,

I wanted to write and tell you what a great time I had with you and your guides.  The camp atmosphere was great with the other hunters and guides.  The meals were first rate and there was always plenty to eat.  Having never hunted so far north it was an experience to see the new county.  Even though it was unbelievably warm we saw lots of bear and Mule deer.  The European mount turned out great with the velvet still being intact, quite a conversation piece.  The bear should be done shortly.  My only regret was I tagged out early and cut my hunting short, thanks for the pics of the Bear's killed after I left.  I would love to come back and hunt with you again.  You run a first rate outfit and should be proud of your success.

Thanks again for a memorable time.

Willie Kolehmainen
Phone 724 730 0984


John Scott
Alberta Black Bear Hunting
Alberta Moose Hunting
After a bad experience in British Columbia, I was somewhat apprehensive about booking another guided hunt with an outfitter. After numerous emails and phone calls my mind was put at ease and I booked a, "Moose/Bear Hunt", through Alberta Wilderness Adventures, Louis Shilka. This hunt turned out to be the best international hunt I have ever been on. Louis and his guides can only be described as first class. Their knowledge and experience are second to none. They went out of their way to make sure I was in position to secure a couple impressive animals, a 50 inch bull moose and a brown colored black bear (that my wife ordered).

Nobody will go home from this camp lighter than they came, mainly due to the great food prepared by Louis's wife, Bev. Nobody went away hungry. (I must say that I really enjoyed the Moose steaks).

The overall experience has given me a new outlook on what a guided hunt should be. I felt I was hunting with friends. Friends that I will remember until I return for my next hunt, in what can only be described as a lovely part of the world.

Louis and Bev and staff, THANK YOU.

John Scott
Darwin, Australia
Ph: 01161 88932 6101
Rachel & Clayton from New Zealand...

Dear Louis & Bev

Thank you for an outstanding hunt, it was truly first class and has given us many memories we will long cherish, along with making great new friends.

We enjoyed the time spent together and the opportunity to learn more about you and your great operation. Your knowledge of game animals and their habitats and the country you hunt were very impressive. It became apparent, though, that much of your success is the result of plain hard work and commitment from you and your guides to give your clients the best quality hunt.

I can honestly say that I know very few outfitters that take care of the details like you do, and as you know those details can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a walk in the woods.

So from my wife and me, thanks again to you and the Alberta Wilderness Adventure staff for all you did to make our first Canadian hunt a truly memorable one.

Clayton Bishop
Hawera New Zealand
Phone: 00646 2785918

For your next Alberta hunting trip contact Alberta Wilderness Adventures and I will do everything I can to put you on the trophy of your dreams.

-Louis Shilka, Owner & Outfitter
Telephone: 780-772-7200

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