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''Never Give Up! - The Black Wolf''

Once again the sun was setting and the chilling air made us zipper up tighter. Another log was thrown on the heap in the center of the flames. Soon the chill was pulled from our bodies and one by one my hunters slid their lawn chairs further from the flames. In the calmness of the late evening the smoke coiled upwards from the crackling red embers then slowly drifted toward the cookhouse with the slight breeze.

The conversation had centered on wolves. "Ya'll ever get lucky enough to git any back wolves?" one of the new clients asked.

"What about that wolf I got last year", my friend from Oregon mentioned with a smile. "Tell these guys about him." As an eight-year return client I knew he wasn't the bragging type and I looked at him in surprise. "You remember? The one I got while you were having a crap in the bush". A chuckle rose from the cranberry farmer's throat then he continued, "Well, these new guys want to know if you ever get lucky enough to get any black wolves. I would say this one was lucky. "Well, wasn't it"? He added with a laugh. "It was black and as big as any." Seemingly satisfied that he had accomplished his task of embarrassing me he leaned back in his chair waiting his story.... Read More

'Just the Way I Always Imagined'

"Have you ever sat around the fire and not had smoke in your eyes?" The shadowy face across the campfire asked, with a hint of humor in his voice. I blinked, trying to clear away the tears that blurred my vision. A swirl of smoke circled the campfire, then again drifted in my direction. Once again I moved to the other side, trying to avoid the eye-burning residue of scorched wood.This time throw on some dry wood so the fire will burn instead of smoke, and then I'll tell you how he got his bear.

The calm night air was warm, but we kept the fire burning high anyway. Embers were glowing bright red as the flames fought their way upward, struggling to spread their light into the darkened night. We had no need of a lantern. The reddish glow illuminated the faces of the strangers near the fire. Each hunter had brought out his favorite bottle of bush juice, so the camp table was well stocked with refreshments. It rested in the shadows behind someone, I didn't know who. I was still putting names to the faces of our new hunters.

I popped the top off a beer and found a chair on the upwind side. I could see the hesitation in their eyes as these new hunters questioned bear hunting techniques. Many hunters unfamiliar with the habits of bear believe that baiting is the only recourse for a successful hunt. When asked, it took me only a moment to think of a story that would describe a past hunter's success. ... Read More

"I dare you to try it, " a wiry gentleman piped up, his eyes sparkling from the glow of the campfire as he challenged his comrade to do better than he did. A bearded man in his early thirties gave a roar of laughter, then sucked up a deep breath of the warm night air. He placed my birch bark horn to his mouth and discharged a blast of air into it. The frightening sound that echoed out the other end of that vibrating funnel was more like the groan of a constipated hunter than the longing call of a seductive cow moose.

His three companions who circled the red glowing light of the campfire bent over the front of their chairs and rocked with laughter at the embarrassing sounds of their friend' s humorous act. i grinned at their stories and the carefree entertainment as i kicked a block of firewood into the flames, trying to stir up more light to see the faces of my new clients. In a burst of crackles, red sparks streaked skyward from the flames, dancing into the darkness to join the endless laughter.

As the sparkles burst higher, so did the conversation of the excited hunters. Firelight flickered in harmony, highlighting each man's tale. From one hunter to another the stories unfolded, each a little more challenging, until a competition of sorts developed. Now it was my turn, and reluctantly I had to match an unbelievable event with theirs. "C'mon, it's your turn," the whiskered man with the horn burst out. "Tell us a tale that we won't believe." ... Read More

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