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alberta moose hunting
6 time return hunter, friend and a great sport. His dad hunted 11 times and his two uncles hunted 10 times each. They have all taken trophy antlers and all have been happy with every hunt they have been on. Tom took this early morning moose and in a couple hours we had it hanging on the meat poles in camp and were back out to pick up his friends moose. In 3 days all 5 hunters in camp had filled their tags.
alberta moose hunting
Ken hunted a mid October hunt for a trophy moose. Here is his trophy bull moose and pretty nice bull at that. It wasn't long before all hunters tagged out and we had days to tell stories and tell our special techniques on just how to get the next bull. A drink or two was exchanged but mostly stories. Good hunting Ken and I hear your moose meat is very tasty.
alberta moose hunting
Often groups of bulls gather after the mating season to put on weight for the winter. Here is a group of 9 or 10 bulls ranging in sizes from small to 45 inch spreads. Most often smaller groups are seen and sometimes with a few cows during any November hunts. Most often we have snow by the beginning of the month. Late hunts are good but are for those who can take a bit of cold. Bring extra.
alberta moose hunting
A 10 by 10 point bull moose with a spread of near 50 inches. A nice rack for the hunter and Sean stands with a smile beside this trophy. Like all our moose trophies this rack has great color which really adds to the trophy when on the wall. Another great hunt and all 5 guys tagged out in 3 days on this hunt and on the next hunt all 5 hunters tagged out in 2 days. Fantastic!
alberta moose hunting
This mid Sept. hunt kicked out butts with a full moon and some rain but Klint came through on his last day nailing this rutting bull at 150 yards. No monster of a rack but hunting in the elements nature gave us this bull was better than no bull and he did not pass up his opportunity to be successful. My hunter was happy and had some great tasting meat for his table.
alberta moose hunting
Guide, Heather, showed her hunter 5 bulls sleeping in an opening along the road. Thinking they picked out the largest her hunter, Doug, let fly and dropped this 50 inch rack. When the 4 remaining bulls ran they observed that one was much wider and had many more points. However, Doug was very happy to take home this trophy. We skidded this 1600 pound body out of the brush with our quad. What a pull.
alberta moose hunting
Another mid September hunt produced this younger bull packing a 36 inch rack. Calling and patience waiting on stand or behind some type of blind usually pay off. This bull was no different than the rest and made the mistake of showing himself in the wrong place. A nice trophy for the wall.
alberta moose hunting
Derek and his uncle choose a late Oct. hunt and took home two great trophies. This bull was the smallest of the two and measured about 45 inches across. His skill at tracking and stalking his trophy landed him a bull deep in the woods in an early snowfall. But he had his trophy only a few days into his hunt.
alberta moose hunting
61.5 inches of monster bull moose taken less than an hour after calling. A rack for anyone and a super specieman for the Canadian species of moose. Not all moose get to be this size so lower your sights but try for the best and here is where you find the best. Our camp, our guides and the forests they hunt.
alberta moose hunting
Nick and his son both took home great bulls while on their moose hunt with us. Rut season is always one of the better times for moose hunting and this one was no different. Through calling by his guide and a bit of patience this 55 inch bull stepped out and became an exceptional trophy.
alberta moose hunting
Not all hunters get bulls in the 50 to 60 inch class but as usual our trophies keep coming in. Brian was super happy with this 48 inch trophy and wasted no time in knocking him to the ground. He and his dad only took a few days to fill their tags with above average racks. Thanks and we wish you both all the best.
alberta moose hunting
My guide who has been with me for a great many years holds a 48 inch bull with well balanced antlers. He is also a trapper so very knowledgeable about the forest and the animals he guides for. He is a first class guide/hunter who cares more about getting your trophy than you do. The best anywhere.
alberta moose hunting
Only a couple days into his hunt Wayne nailed this 48 inch bull and had his dream come true. Late Oct. hunt produced this exceptional trophy. Pleasant and full of laughs only tells part of his character. A great guy and a big thanks for coming with your nephew. Hoping all your hunts are as successful.
alberta moose hunting
Gary took a longer shot and nailed his young bull early into his hunt. 400 yards and this bull was now his trophy. 10 minutes later his hunting partner for the day got his 50 rack no more than 200 yards from this bull. Thanks for being in our moose camp. You are a fun hunter and a pleasure to be around.
alberta moose hunting
This man from Australia, John, was the most entertaining hunter in years. After a bad hunt in another province he choose us for this second try and look at his success. This 50 inch rack and a brown colored black bear were his trophies. I plan to visit him next year and hunt in his country with him. Thanks for choosing us as your outfitter.
alberta moose hunting
Thanks to, Mark, for giving us a chance to take him to his trophy bull moose. A great guy who hunted hard and took home this great bull after 4 days of hunting. I truly wish I had gotten to know him better but his wife was waiting for him in town, so.. . must leave early. He says the meat is great and he is more than happy with his trophy moose rack. All the best on your future hunts.
alberta moose hunting
This trophy bull showed up at the wrong time. Guide, Rick, did some calling on an old clearing but had no response. They hunted elsewhere for mid day then returned to the clearing to finish off the day with more calling and hopefully catch an evening bull looking for a mate. This guy walked out shortly after they arrived and David's bullet dropped him in his tracks. What a trophy.
alberta moose hunting
Art Bundy came back again to hunt with us for the fifth time this fall. He was searching for another moose to add to the moose he had taken the year before. He made a great shot from 375 yards on this nice moose. He has taken mule deer and bears on his moose hunts on previous trips and continues to hunt with us each year. He's a great hunter, and a great friend and we love having him return year after year.
alberta moose hunting
His wife, Tiff, did all the planning. Hoping to get the right outfitter she booked a moose hunt with us for her husband Marty and her father. Each tagged great bulls. Marty's bull hit the ground hard with a heart shot and broke the left antler inward but not totally off. Look closely to see the crack near the base. Still it measures around 50 inches. His taxidermist will fix this trophy for a great wall mount. Good going Marty.
moose hunting Alberta Canada
Mark, a return hunter and just an all around good guy has taken bear and moose from my camp on different hunts. This coming spring season he is planning for another bear. This last fall he tagged this excellent monster bull with 10 points on each side. What a great trophy it will make for his trophy room. I enjoy his company each time he comes. So nice to have return clients too.
Moose Hunting Canada
This is the 4th. time, Art has hunted in my camp. He has taken brown and black black bear, mule deer and now this young 33 inch bull on his 3rd day with an off hand shot at 250 yards. Taken through the lungs the bull did his short run before side swiping a large pine tree then pilling into the moss covered ground. We took the photo as he lay with the evidence scattered on his antlers and head.

Another monster bull moose taken on our mid Sept. hunt this season. Matt and his brother each tagged trophies near the record books. Two great hunters to have participate in our hunting season. Sorry to have them leave at the end of their hunt.

Taken on a logging block this bull hit the ground and gave Casey an excellent trophy he is proud to own. Logging blocks supply us with a good assortment of trophies to record book class. Thanks to a great group of guys for participating in our moose season.

Carl, the retired firefighter, didn't wait for the 50 inch bull moose that he wanted. Instead he took the first bull he saw his first day. Not a bad trophy for the first bull of his hunt. Check out the rich color and the thickness of the antlers.

Joshua's monster bull moose taken off a logged over block of forest. His father also shot at a bull a bit larger than this one. During the late part of the rut both bulls were herding cows in different areas and feeding on fresh sapling regrowth. Feeding most at nights hunters had to be in position at first and last light for their trophy of a lifetime.

What a monster moose. Both Joe and his brother tagged exceptional wall hangers. Their mid September hunt proved very rewarding for this group with other mid sizes trophy moose as well. Thanks guys for being part of our season.

Last season we took several bulls around the 50 inch mark. Many were in the record book class but all were trophies for the hunter who harvested each bull moose. Here Rick smiles for the camera as he kneels beside an 1800 pound moose. What a trophy.
canada moose hunting alberta
They came into camp excited and ready for a successful hunt. Clarence's (bubba's) bull taken the first day measured over 40 inches, his son-in-law's taken later in the hunt measured around 50 inches. Super good guys and I was lucky to have them hunt with my outfit. This bull will make excellent steak, burger and of course with Clarence's special recipe some great jerky.

Guide Sean and his hunter, preparing to drag this monster bull to his pickup. Taken off a logged of block in the woods this bull was too heavy to get out any other way. These remote logging areas provide us with many large bulls each season.

Check out the spread on this bull. Hard to find anywhere other than our hunting area. We took several bulls this season as large as Kyle's shown in this photograph. He has a trophy and a memory to last him for many years. We are so pleased to be able to provide trophies of this caliber.

Taken on the edge of a logged off block of woods. These clear cuts have always been a prime areas for us to find quality bulls. Clint poses with his brothers trophy. A mid sized rack sporting 9 points on each side. This bull will make an excellent trophy for the wall.

Check out the weight of the brow tines on Patti's bull moose. This spirited lady opened up on this bull and ended up with a 42' inch wide trophy for her wall. An average sized set of antlers and a very impressive trophy that most would be proud to own. Her husband also tagged his bull in a clearing.

Garry took the first bull he could. Both him and his son took home meat bulls and the report is, "Very Tasty". What great people, what great hunters to have back in my hunting camp. A mid rut hunt and calling had something to do with his success.

Among other large trophies taken on our late, Sept. moose hunt this photo shows the big and the small. Shawn and his son, Kyle proudly hold their moose for the camera. Kyle's moose measured 49.5 inches. Great guys to have in camp.

A quiet hunter with a deadly shot. His young bull didn't have a chance and Ross got to take home a trophy for his wall. Taken on a late, September hunt that was filled with all kinds of weather from snow to rain to hot days
A real trophy for anyone's wall. November moose are usually comparable to the rut moose when it comes to the size of antlers. Often the average is a bit higher for November moose. Perhaps the best month for the larger trophies.

Another huge bull on a November hunt. A bit of snow and cool temperatures did not stop Jim from taking this record book bull out of a group of seven bulls that were feeding on a logging block. His eight day hunt showed him 20 cows and 11 bulls. A best time of year for hunting.

Return client, Jack, tagged again. Feeding on saplings on a logging block with 4 other bulls this one did not escape Jack's sights and provided him with another trophy bull in the low 40s. A good friend, a great hunter and a return client and a pleasure to have in camp.
alberta moose hunting
A record book moose and another happy hunter. Clayton proudly shows off his trophy on the skinning table. Way up in the books this monster bull was held by my yearning cow call giving another client a successful memory. Many more of these trophy bulls roam our hunting areas.
alberta canada moose hunts Held by my cow call this monster bull, scoring well above minimum for SCI, made the fatal mistake of looking too long for his second cow. My New Zealand hunter took home a trophy beyond his expectations. What a huge bull, what a happy hunter. moose hunts Alberta
An average spread but a bit short on palm and paddle. Robert is pleased to pose with his trophy taken with a single shot. Robert's bullet impacted the bull squarely and nearly all of the lead stayed together, a perfect mushroom. This mid season rut bull is not yet mature but he was heavy into looking for cows.

After loosing a bull on his first day I made no mistakes on what to do the second day of my long time friend's 10th. moose hunt with my outfit. Jon patiently waited and watched on a logging block until evening when I snuck up a trail to another rut hole near the top of the logging block. In less than 5 minutes this bull was on the ground.

Kirby, a great guy and a great hunter. he and his guide called in this bull within 15 yards of their position. One shot put this monster trophy on the ground. Another successful mid October hunt and another 100% season.
Alberta Moose Hunting
What a well balanced set of antlers. An average sized bull with a mirror image. This bull and another were selected out of a small group of moose and taken seconds apart in a deep valley. The two hunters and their guide have a hard work story to tell.

Donny, and his group have hunted before and were as much fun this time as they were on their first hunt here. A great group of guys who enjoy their hunting and just being out. Don poses behind his moose for a photo for my web site. A smaller rack than he took on his first hunt but still a nice trophy.

Two forty inch bulls taken on a mid October hunt. Together they fed on a logging block with 3 others. These were the two that didn't run for the heavy timber and made another successful hunt for these return clients.

During a surprise snowfall late, Sept. David, took his bull amid the falling flakes. Check out this unique set of moose antlers with double palms and shovels and the richness in color. What a trophy for anyone. A great guy, a great hunter. Thanks for coming to my camp.
moose hunting alberta canada
Brian came for moose and mule deer and tagged both with single shots. Average sized trophies that will make some great mounts. This 38 inch bull dropped along side one of our many logging blocks. These are among some of the best hunting areas to be found anywhere. Loaded with berries, grass and fresh sapling shoots moose, mule deer and black bear are drawn to these smorgasbords for easier hunting.
Moose Hunting Alberta
My wife Bev is on the left, accompanied by guide Heather and her daughter Corina. Newly constructed cabins in the background house up to 4 clients each. Equipped with propane heat and light, a bucket of water, a sink, and four beds, their first tenants this year gave them very positive comments.

Hunting logging blocks always seems to produce numerous moose to choose from. Many times we have seen more than 20 moose on winter cut blocks feeding on the tender aspen leaves and young shoots from summer's growth. This happy client chose a bull in the low 40's. A great trophy and a great hunter.

Logging blocks are excellent areas to hunt November moose usually offering several bulls to look at. Out of this group of 4 bulls Jason took the one closest to him and bagged his first trophy moose. A well balanced set of antlers that will look great as a shoulder mount in his house.

What can I say about this first time moose hunter. "Great shooting, Shelane". Her moose was called in and she dropped the young bull with a deadly shot like any pro-moose hunter. She has plans to hunt many more moose as well as deer and bear. What a pleasure to know this lady hunter. Good going, Shelane.

Dick fired on his bull from a long distance with 3 successful shots tagging himself an average bull he was proud to own. A excellent shooter and a great guy to have in camp. This hunt took place during early, October when the bulls were hard in the rut. A great time to hunt.

November hunting often produces larger antlers. Bulls begin to yard up in late October after the rut season in feeding areas. Most often large groups of bulls can be found with all sizes of antlers. Guide Rick, holds a 52 inch early Nov. bull taken from a group of seven.

The largest body weight of any bull moose in the previous 2 years to reach our local butcher. Ten year return client, Jon, stands beside his monster bull, his 10th bull in our camp. A tough animal with one broken antler and one blind eye. Someone is bigger!

A late rut hunt with freezing temperatures at night this bull hung with a cow on a logged over area. The lush regrowth is excellent feed for moose during the fall and winter season. November is one of the best times to hunt these logged areas. An average antlered bull of about 36 inches.

Two great hunters to have in camp and two record book moose. Herb took his trophy bull the first day of his 8 day hunt and Stan waited until day 7 to harvest his monster bull. An overnight in a fly camp put us at a remote lake early the last morning. We watched this bull as he followed 400 yards of open grass shore on his way to my call.

Two young bulls on the meat pole make excellent eating and are a favourite hunt for many clients. Non trophy hunters often take the 6 day hunt and most will tag their animal early in their hunt. Logging blocks offer an excellent source of food and many young bulls gather in these open areas. Great hunting for meat bulls and great fun.

Each of the many years Jon has hunted moose in my camp he has tagged his bull and has taken trophies from small to huge. This bull scores 226 unofficial, and is his best of his seasons here. This addicted moose hunter plans to take another trophy bull home this fall.

Ernie wanted a record book or nothing. After seven days of passing up small moose, this giant came to my call. A 400 yard shot gave him a trophy well up into the record books. One of Alberta's largest bulls taken with just under a 60 inch spread.

In a haze of excitement, Morris wounded this 45" bull after striking an antler with his first bullet. The tracking began. It took 24 hours before I found the wounded bull in his bed. Once again, the quad came through and carried his moose to our vehicle 3 miles away. He told me the meat wasn't tough.

After hours of sorting out this bull's pattern, guide Rick spied him in heavy timber. With an assortment of hand jestures, Rick made his hunter aware he found the trophy bull moose. The moose waited and Don's shot dropped the bull on a cutline.

I think his socks were red too. This 50" bull was an easy one. While walking a cutline, we jumped a cow and this bull. Minutes seemed like hours before he charged into the call of a young bull. At 30 yards away, he was surprised to find a red-clothed man with a gun instead of a young bull sneaking in to see his girl.

Hard work and determination paid off .. after losing a bull to three timber wolves, and putting up with extreme weather conditions during this early season hunt, Heather put her client Bob in front of this one. The rain didn't stop his bullet.

One hour later Tom and I coaxed this bull across a logging block to a bush trail where we could easily pick him up. The bull tried to crawl past us into the heavy timber and that was his fatal mistake.

Just another bull? Not to Bud. This was his first moose, and he soon found out how much work hauling meat can be. Taken on an island of high ground in a land of bogs, the elements of nature fought against us, but persistence got us through. We hope to never hunt there again!

No one believed it until they watched the video of Herb shooting his record book moose. After several hours of calling, I pulled this giant to the shore, 350 yards away. Herb's first bullet ricocheted off a twig near our blind, then ricocheted again off the water, and still the bullet hit this bull in the chest! (Is this a 'Believe-it-or-Not' story?)

What is there to write about? A happy hunter with his 40 plus inch trophy moose taken in early October. Another 100% kill on this hunt. Jim and his group were a great bunch of guys who knew how to enjoy a hunt.

This 56" rack took some gettin'! This bull pulled every trick out of its bag, but on the third day of being tracked, John and his guide Dave caught up with him. Wounded and desperate, the bull tried one last time to swim a lake to escape his pursuers. John had him in his sights before he reached the far bank.

This 48" rack is one of the most balanced displays I have seen. Virtually no deductions! We had a second chance with this one ... Stan's nylon jacket frightened the bull away the first time he came in. Persistent with my call, the now leery bull was coaxed to 300 yards of my hunter. No mistakes were made the second time.

Jim became my good friend years ago when he hunted this bull. Later he hunted and killed black bear in my spring camp, and I hunted caribou with him in Alaska. The ATV was a great help in getting us around. We missed our chances at larger bulls earlier in his hunt.

Jay made an unbelievable shot, and tagged this distinct looking 20 pointer. The guide, Jim, continued with his calling when most guides would have quit. The bull had taken a licking from a larger one and was more cautious when coming toward the enticing cow moans from the birch bark horn. The bullet somehow made its way through a web of willows.

Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of permits available. Feel free to phone for our reference list, and remember - bookings are on a first come, first served basis.

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